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Nutraceuticals Companies Faridkot

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Pharma Franchise for Nutraceuticals Products

Nutraceutical industry is one of the growing sectors which comes up with opportunity and you can start your own business in it. It is expected that this industry grows twice than other industries Rs. 26,764 crores. The leading Indo rich therapeutics is offering Pharma Franchise of Nutraceutical Products to their clients but it has again grown to 19% in upcoming years. You want to start your amazing business opportunity as well as best options ISO 9001:2008 certified products with Indo rich because it is certified with quality products it helps to expand the business. Manufacturing unit are WHO and GMP certified with the range of drugs, medicines. Be the part of Indo rich family and start your successful business with us. We are the one who gives you the best that is for you.

Present scenario of Nutraceutical Industry in India

Radical changes in the lifestyle of people where they prefer to eat health supplements rather than focusing on unhygienic diet, their interest towards diet plus medical formulation is bit same. The range of nutraceuticals encouraged to be used from middle class to wealthy people is on steak and these are the alternative of prescribed drugs that Is why it in demand.

In the coming years it is expected to grow more rather than other industries as this is the estimated value $ 2.2 bn

An Overview of The Nutraceuticals Medicines Market in India

Dietary supplements ad nutraceuticals are on demand in both middle class and by upper class where it has grown their demand in India because its percentage rise to 28% from one in ten and CAGR 20 percent value will be in 2022 with annual worth of $ 8.5 billion. There are certain reason why people are preferring nutraceuticals over other medications these incudes-

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Diseases spreading
  • Boost energy
  • Mental capabilities
  • Create dynamic results.
  • Growing economy of India
  • Geriatric population.

Pharma Franchise for Nutraceutical Products by the Indo rich therapeutics

Indo is one of the leading companies in the India which promotes nutraceuticals and it is well approved by international norms and regulations including FDA, DCGI, and FSSAI. Manufacturing unit is well advanced and followed the WHO guidelines by state-of-art equipment’s. where professional team always focus on giving best too every formulation to expend the business Dedicatedly professional team who are excellent in research and development assures to launch new products within highly developed technology and check in under the quality control to meet the requirements to start a new franchise.

What do Indo rich therapeutics PCD Pharma Franchise Associates?

Best support to their partners where it gives mutual bnefits to both the clients and initiates growth in the market. Such as –

  • Wide array of products
  • Best quality assurance
  • Free cost of promotional kits
  • Marketing backup

Advantages of Choosing Indo rich therapeutics for Pharma Franchise of Nutraceutical Products

Best support and ethical business opportunity where we ensure best quality products and which ensures good image in the market because newly launched formulation gain trust of their customers and attract million of out of that. Even we on te trust of highly professional doctors by our products.

Benefits of choosing us-

Good incentives
Updating with newly launched products
Best quality packaging
Promotional schemes
Gifts to our doctors
Innovative products
High Quality products

Quality Range Of Nutraceuticals Products At Indo rich therapeutics

It is the blend where nutrition plus pharma combined to give the clear message that Indo focus on nutritional supplements rather than allopathy medications with numerous of side effects. Best nutraceutical formulations where offering wide array of products that are quality approved followed by international guidelines.

Lipid Care Nutraceutical products
Multi-vitamin supplements & syrups
Neuro Care Nutraceutical products
Ayurvedic & Herbal Nutraceutical products
Food Veterinary Nutraceutical Healthcare products
Lipid Care Nutraceutical products
Nutraceuticals-Dietary supplements
Nutraceuticals Supplements which include tablets, powder, capsules, drops, syrups & sachets,
Vitamin or Mineral supplements

What are the Benefits of Owning Franchise Business in Nutraceutical Products?

Nutraceutical formulation have great popularity in terms of their nutritional supplements that are assured the safety of the customers there are several benefits that pharma franchise for nutraceuticals products offers these are-

Demand of such products reach to 6.1 billion by 2025.

Deeper penetration of 22.5% of business deal.

Why Choose Indo rich therapeutics to take franchise of Nutraceutical Products?

Professional support.
Genuine investment.
Food & Drug Administration certified products.
Monopoly rights.
Promotional support.
Marketing support
Quick delivery time.
Regular medical updates.
Professional support.

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